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Online studies in the LCIS begin
by Fr. Alan Clute - Friday, 16 August 2013, 04:46 PM

Welcome to the online seminary of The Liberal Catholic Church.

Students of the Liberal Catholic Institute of Studies clergy training program can follow their curriculum and post their assignments at this website.

The availability of this resource is the culmination of the dedicated work of many bishops and other clergy of the church. Indeed, the LCIS courses owe the richness of their content to the entire lineage of Liberal Catholics since the beginning of the church by Bishops Wedgwood and Leadbeater in 1917. As you will learn in this course, we are also indebted to, and carriers of, the Ancient Wisdom, the inner teaching of Christ - the spiritual heritage of all time and all cultures.

This online version owes a great deal to the efforts of Father Thomas Miller, former Director of the LCIS, who organized the LCIS materials under a courseware software package.

There are three student tracks through the LCIS materials.  Clergy candidate students of the online seminary enroll in the course by filling out and mailing this application form.  Order of Our Lady members  and interested Lay members of our church may apply by contacting Fr. Alan.

If you have stumbled upon this website, you may wish to reference our National site for general information on the LCC.

Father Alan Clute
Director of the LCIS
Province of the USA


This is the site for Liberal Catholic Church Institute of Studies on-line course work.
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